Professional Development

We provide two professional development streams to cater to your needs.

  1. Parkour training for professionals – for existing coaches of other codes with little to no parkour experience.
  2. Coaching for parkour practitioners – for existing parkour practitioners with little to no coaching experience.

Parkour training for professionals

Whether you’re a personal trainer, gymnastics coach or any other type of coach for that matter, if you want to explore parkour personally and as an instructor, we have courses available for you.

Parkour to Indoor – This two day workshop is specifically for gymnastics gyms and coaches who are wanting to deliver parkour in an indoor environment. You will learn how to train parkour and how to coach children in an indoor environment without compromising the philosophy and values of parkour. See the course brochure for more details.

Please note: No previous parkour training is required for any of our courses, but all courses involve parkour training and all in attendance must participate. If you are worried about anything in the course, talk to us before registering.


Coaching for parkour practitioners

You’ve been training parkour for a while and you’ve really come to enjoy passing on your knowledge to others, but you’d like gain some good coaching foundations to continue that journey, then look no further.

Instructor Training – We regularly run instructor training workshops around the country, often coinciding with local and national gatherings that you’ll hopefully already be attending. These courses are range from one-off workshops to 2 days long and will give you tips and guidance on how to improve your coaching skills so you can help teach those in your local community, or set your sights on becoming an NZ Parkour instructor.

Check the event calendar to see when the next workshop is or request one.

Please note: If you’re interested in being a coach for NZ Parkour, drop Terence a line.


For all enquires not answered by information available on the website, please use the contact form below.