Coaching Pathway


Parkour NZ oversees the support of parkour coaches nationwide. The Parkour NZ Coaching Pathway is a dual stream system including:

  • Professional development for current and aspiring parkour coaches and
  • A two tier qualification framework for assistant and full coaches

See the Parkour NZ Coaching Pathway for more information about our courses and qualifications.


Professional Development – Full Courses*

Date: May 9th – 10th, 2020

Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

Time: 9am – 5pm each day


  • Non-Financial and Non-Member Individuals and Organisations (per person): $240.00
  • Individual – Financial Member: $200.00
  • Member Organisation: $180.00 per person

*Further information provided in the registration form and upon completion of registration and payment.

Parkour NZ Coaching Pathway - Professional Development Registration, May 9-10, 2020


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Health and Safety Details

  • Parkour NZ professional development courses involve practical parkour skills and scenarios that require your physical participation.

    For your own safety and the safety of others on the course, it is very important for you to answer these questions as accurately as possible.


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Terms and Conditions

  • In participating in parkour and in this Parkour NZ professional development course I acknowledge and agree to the following:

    1. Participation comes with inherent risks, dangers, and hazards;

    2. Parkour NZ will use reasonable endeavours to ensure those inherent risks are mitigated to the extent that is possible. However, Parkour NZ does not provide any warranty regarding my safety or wellbeing;

    3. I may sustain injury or illness, including (without limitation) physical and mental injuries such as concussion, fractures, sprains, strains, partial or total paralysis, death and other medical issues that could cause serious disability;

    4. Parkour NZ coaches and/or facilitators will never ask, require, or force me to do anything outside of my capabilities. I am responsible for ensuring I only do what I am comfortable with and able to do safely;

    5. I am responsible for informing the coaches and/or facilitators of any predisposing medical concerns that may adversely affect my ability to participate in training;

    6. If I develop any injuries or medical concerns during the course of my participation, it is my responsibility to inform the coaches;

    7. I must listen to the coaches’ advice and warnings at all times and will follow all reasonable safety instructions given to me by the coaches;

    8. I will participate in a manner that does not endanger me or others;

    9. Parkour NZ does not condone the irresponsible use of parkour or related disciplines, including illegal and dangerous activities such as trespassing or 'roof-topping';

    10. I assume all risks and dangers and all responsibility for any losses and/or damages to myself or any of my property, and losses and/or damages to others or any of their property;

    11. Parkour NZ and all its coaches, staff, and other members are released from any and all claims, losses or other actions that may arise during my participation;

    12. Any information we collect from you as part of this form will be held and used by Parkour NZ strictly in accordance with Parkour NZ's privacy policy, which is available at;

    13. I authorise the use of my voice or picture (that may be recorded during my participation and subsequently used) in any broadcast, telecast, promotion, advertising, and in any other way by Parkour NZ without payment to me or any other form of compensation.

    14. I understand that this professional development course is the beginning of the Parkour NZ Coaching Pathway and that a) completing the course does not constitute a Parkour NZ Coaching Qualification, b) does not mean Parkour NZ endorses my coaching abilities and/or my organisation and its services, and c) completing the course does make me eligible for the Level 1 - Assistant Coach Qualification should I wish to pursue it.






Professional Development – Refresher Courses

Dates TBC


Level 1 Qualification – Assistant Coach

Dates TBC


Level 2 Qualification – Assistant Coach

Dates TBC


Coming Soon




For Coaches







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