Community Awards

NZ Parkour Community Awards

This our annual awards ceremony held at the AGM during the National Gathering. It’s our chance to say thanks to everyone in who is doing the hard yards for the NZ parkour community throughout the year and to celebrate those wonderful people and the things they’re doing.

The 2016 NZ Parkour Community Awards will be our inaugural awards ceremony.

Award Categories

  • Community Creator
    • The person in New Zealand who is doing great things for their local community (e.g. bringing the community together, fostering its growth, providing opportunities for new practitioners, etc.)
  • Prime Project
    • An innovative or new project that is making a positive difference to the community in some way.
  • Valuable Volunteer
    • For NZ Parkour’s most valuable player; the NZ volunteer who has contributed the most.
  • Magnificent Media
    • Video – The best video since the last national gathering. Preference is given to videos that best capture the heart of training or an event, show the hard work, progression or commitment to training and/or produced to a high quality.
    • Photo – As above.
  • Excellent Event
    • We all know that the national gathering is the highlight of the NZ parkour calendar, but there are other great annual and one off events held each year.
  • Choice Coach
    • The coach having the biggest impact on the training and development of their students.


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Community Awards Nomination

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  • Nominations

  • In the sections below, nominate the people, initiatives, media or events that you think are most deserving of an award. Please include the person, event or projects name along with a description as to why you think they deserve the respective award.
    • You can leave nominations blank.
    • You can nominate multiple people for the same category.
    • You can nominate the same person for multiple categories.




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