April 27th - 29th, 2018

JAMZAC is New Zealand’s annual Sport Parkour event.

Sport Parkour encompasses competitive formats based on specific parkour and freerunning training styles – small snapshots of what takes place in wider parkour and freerunning training. As with the rest of the practice, competitive events are continually evolving.

NOTE: JAMZAC is an evolving event organised by volunteers and the details below are subject to change.

Competition Format

JAMZAC is run over 3 days, starting with an open jam at Flow Academy’s Albany site on Friday night.

The competition portion of the event is held on Saturday and Sunday, consisting of qualifiers (open entry), heats (top 16 participants from qualifiers) and finals (top 8 participants from heats). The competition will be split into youth and adult sections for speed and style categories, and skill will be open to both.

These categories cater to three common methods of training in parkour and freerunning; speed, skill, and style. Participants can choose to compete in one or more categories:


A series of short time trials over various pre-determined courses. Participants will have a limited number of attempts to record their fastest time for each course.

Tip: We recommend training your creativity, precision, and agility in addition to speed.


A series of pre-determined challenges involving one or more specific movements that require confidence and precision. Participants will have a limited number of attempts to complete the challenges. Achieving each movement with precision within a single attempt will be rewarded with maximum points, each attempt after dropping in points.

Tip: This is all about performing fundamental parkour skills, so work on your vaults, laches, strides, tacs, and arm jumps. Additionally, practice transitioning from skill to skill fluidly and of course, stick your landings.


A series of self-choreographed lines performed within a semi-confined environment. Participants will have up to 1 minute to make their way through the course, attempting to perform any number of fundamental and acrobatic skills in a single run. Participants are scored on flow, difficulty, execution, and overall impression. There is also a “best trick” prize.

Tip: The best runs involve a seamless flow of creative movement that focuses on one or two more difficult movements.

Online Style Qualifiers (Optional)

In addition to on-site qualifiers for the Style category, all interested participants are welcome to submit a video for our online qualifiers.


  • Make a 1-minute video of you performing a style run(s) anywhere in New Zealand.
  • Only one video per participant, and only one participant per video.
  • The video can include previously-filmed footage captured within the last year.
  • Upload the video to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram and send a link to contact@nzparkour.co.nz BEFORE April 9th, 2018 (qualifying submissions will be announced shortly afterward).

The top 4 videos (4 adult and 4 youth) will be selected based on the same criteria as the on-site event: flow, difficulty, execution and overall impression. The selected athletes will be automatically entered into the competition heats.

NOTE: Video submissions are for Style only.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here please use the contact form below and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Why competition? What does this mean for our community?

We understand that Sport Parkour is not part of traditional training and as such we are not here to name “champions” but instead aim to provide an additional source of fun and growth for practitioners that members of our community have advocated for. We also believe that Sport Parkour has the potential to introduce parkour to those who prefer and are used to traditional sports.

Sport Parkour provides an alternative way for parkour practitioner to challenges themselves and improve not only their physical skills but also their mental preparedness and ability to perform under pressure.

We endeavour not only to operate a professional community event but to instil our events with both our parkour values and our Kiwi values. We welcome your feedback on all aspects of the event to ensure the best outcomes for the community.

When will I get to see the course setup for the event?

Everyone at the open jam session at Flow Albany on Friday night will get the opportunity to help with course setup, however, the specific zones, courses, or challenges will not be specifically identified until the Saturday.

Can we warm-up/prepare before each category?

Yes, there will be designated warm-up/preparation periods for the various participants before each section of the competition. Please be aware that certain parts of the gym may be off limits at different times.

Will there be opportunities to jam outside of the competition?

Yes! There is an open jam session ($17NZD) at Flow on Friday night and we’ve structured the rest of the event to allow the opportunity for training in town. See the event schedule.

Are there prizes?

Yes. In each category there will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes and for Styl, there will also be a “best trick” prize for both adults and youth. There may also be some spot prizes.

Are you providing accommodation, transport, or catering?

At present, Parkour NZ is unable to provide any official accommodation, travel, or catering.

We recommend you connect with other participants and local practitioners via the Auckland Parkour or New Zealand Parkour and Freerunning Facebook groups in order to organise accommodation and travel options.

Additionally, visit https://at.govt.nz/ for public transport options throughout Auckland.

Flow Albany is located within walking distance of Pak’n’Sav and Westfield Albany (cafes and food court).

Register to Participate

Before registering, please make sure you read the following details:

Age Restrictions

  • Youth – 10* to 16 years old
  • Adult – 17 years and over

*Under 10’s are welcome to spectate but are not able to participate in this event.


All event attendees are required to pay a cover charge the guarantees their entry to the event*.

  • Participants – $20NZD
  • Spectators – $17NZD (the standard Flow drop-in price)

*There is an additional fee of $17NZD required for those wanting to participate in the Friday night jam at Flow Albany.

NOTE: If you fail to register online, there will only be two on-site registration times. If you fail to register within the allotted times, we cannot guarantee your spot.

JAMZAC 2018 Participant Registration

    Contact Details

  • Event Details

  • Health and Safety

  • The Flow Academy of Motion Waiver must be printed, filled out, and handed in at the reception in order to be given entry to the facility and to be allowed to participate in the competition (copy and paste the link below into your browser to download it). http://nzparkour.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Flow-Waiver.pdf
  • In agreeing to participate in parkour, I/we agree to the following:

    In agreeing to participate in NZ Parkour services, I/we agree to the following:

    I/we acknowledge and understand completely that parkour has (a) inherent risks, dangers and hazards and that these are present in my and/or my child's participation; (b) during participation I and/or my child may sustain injuries or illnesses including, but not limited to physical and mental injury, brain injury, fractures, sprains/strains, partial or total paralysis, death and other medical issues that could cause serious disability; (c) that the NZ Parkour will never ask, require, or force me and/or my child to do anything outside of my/their capabilities and that I and/or my child are responsible for ensuring we only do what we are comfortable with and able to perform safely; (d) I and/or my child must listen to the coaches advice and warnings at all times.

    By allowing myself and/or my child to participate in parkour I hereby assume all risks and dangers and all responsibility for any losses and/or damages.

    I, on behalf of myself and/or my child and my personal representatives, hereby voluntarily agree to release, waive, defend, hold harmless, pardon, discharge, and indemnify NZ Parkour and all its staff and other members from any and all claims, losses or other actions for physical and emotional injury, property damage, and death or otherwise that may occur during my child's participation in parkour. I specifically understand that I am releasing, waiving, and discharging any claims or actions that I may have currently or in the future.

    I/we understand that NZ Parkour does not condone the irresponsible use of parkour or related disciplines, including illegal and dangerous activities such as trespassing or roof jumping.

    I/we understand that I and/or my child are responsible for informing the instructors of any predisposing medical concerns that may adversely affect their ability to participate in training. I/we understand that if I and/or my child develops any injuries or medical concerns during the course of participation in NZ Parkour services that we will inform the instructors. I/we understand that it is my and/or my child's responsibility to inform the instructors of any injuries that they sustain during NZ Parkour services.
  • Terms and Conditions





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