Parkour NZ Community Awards

Parkour NZ Community Awards

The Parkour NZ Community Awards are our annual awards held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the National Gathering each year. They were initially launched in 2016 and awarded to Michalle Kan for the MOVE documentary, to Maika Hemera and Isaac Mcfarlane for Honest Parkour show, and Marty Miller for his community development work.

The awards were paused, however, while our team searched for the right people to help us create some truly special taonga. We’re excited to announce that that work is almost complete and the awards will be official relaunched at the 2020 AGM at the National Gathering on February 8th in Wellington.

It will be our chance to say thank you to everyone doing the hard yards for the New Zealand parkour community around the country each year. In particular, we will honour three people with a taonga that they become custodians of for the year. They can choose to display, wear, or otherwise keep it safe for the year before returning it and bestowing it on the next recipients. Over time, the taonga will have been worn by countless members of the New Zealand community from all over the country.

Check out the main awards page to read more and to submit a nomination.

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