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Early last year we got some parkoursome equipment for building parkoursome training set ups.

Equipment 1Equipment 2Equipment 3

Late last year we got a parkoursome trailer for transporting the parkoursome equipment (thanks WEL Energy Trust!).

Trailer 1Trailer 2Trailer 3

We can even use the parkoursome trailer in our parkoursome training set ups!

Setup 1Setup 2Setup 3

There's only one problem. We don't have a parkoursome vehicle 🙁

The community needs a parkoursome vehicle and #ParkourVan is just the ticket.

#ParkourVan will:

  1. Bring the jam to you - Whether it's coaches and equipment to grassroots workshops or taking scaff to the National Gathering, #ParkourVan will be able to deliver that sweet jammy goodness to your doorstep.

  2. Bring you to the jam - Roooooaaaad triiip! Whenever #ParkourVan is passing through, you've got a surefire way of getting to the next event.

  3. Be your jam chauffeur - Remember last jam when you had to awkwardly take the bus to get around to the jam spots? Next time, #ParkourVan will be there with lots of seats for lots of mates.

Check out the giving options on the right-hand side and let's make #ParkourVan a reality.

All campaign supporters will be thanked here on our website.

The Project FAQs

What kind of vehicle will you buy?

A #ParkourVan!

Why a van?

Because #ParkourVan will have more seats than #ParkourUte, making it a community vehicle and not just a work vehicle (this is $ dependent of course)

$10k will only get you a cruddy vehicle, you know that right?

Yep. The true cost of a quality vehicle is more like $20k, but the $ from the community will be supplemented by other grant funding we've applied for ($5k from WEL Energy Trust, HOORAY!).

What if the goal isn't reached?

Regardless of the success of this campaign, all the funds are going towards #ParkourVan. We will have a vehicle by the end of August, the only factor is what quality it will be.

How do I pay?

By clicking on a payment package in the sidebar and following the steps you will be automatically taken to a PayPal page where you can pay via your own PayPal account or with your credit/visa debit card.

Can I pay by bank deposit or in person?

Sure! Get in touch and we'll organise the payment and perks via another method.

When will payment be processed?

Payments will be processed immediately.

Why crowdfunding?

NZ Parkour is committed to the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. As a result, we do not and will not accept, apply for or use funding from organisations or companies that do not fit with our charitable goals. These groups include gambling trusts, lottery grants, and companies whose main products are counterproductive to a holistic health approach (e.g. cigarettes, alcohol, energy/soft drinks, fast food and other unhealthy products, etc.). This means that we have a much smaller pool of revenue available to us from traditional sources. Therefore, we rely on the good will of the New Zealand community and careful strategic partnering to ensure that we remain true to our mission, vision, and values. We welcome your support in helping everyday Kiwi's overcome the challenges of life and enter into a lifestyle of positive self-development.


We've had $5000 confirmed by WEL Energy Trust towards the project. That's a huge and exciting step!

Step 1: Specify your contribution amount for #ParkourVan

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.Mother Teresa