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Sport NZ acknowledges Parkour NZ as the national organisation for parkour

We’re proud to announce that Sport NZ has acknowledged Parkour NZ as the national organisation leading and governing parkour in New Zealand. Although there is no formal recognition process for sports or sports organisations in New Zealand, this represents a significant step in the appreciation of parkour as a unique/distinct recreation and cultural practice in New Zealand, and of our position as its custodians.

Parkour NZ was established in 2010 and incorporated in 2011, following the desire of the national community to formalise a body to unite itself and formally share parkour with the rest of the nation. The progression of the community’s parkour practice led to an increased understanding of its transformative characteristics and as such, in 2013, Parkour NZ was registered as a charity in order to better reflect these aims of using parkour as a vehicle for positive self-development.

One of the first outcomes of this acknowledgement and the cherry on top has been the elevation of Parkour NZ’s membership status with Parkour Earth from Affiliate Member to Full Member.

Click here to download the press release shown below.

Press Release – Sport NZ acknowledges Parkour NZ as national organisation governing parkour
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