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The Board

Tim Rogers (Chairman of the Board)

TimTim has lived in and explored almost every corner of New Zealand. Having started Tim 2training parkour in 2006, he has been a hugely positive influence on the local parkour communities of Hamilton, Auckland and Christchurch and as such is held in great respect by the national community as a whole. He and his wife Hannah first met through parkour and they and their son Lucas now live at the bottom of Mt. Taranaki, trying to keep their goats out of the veggie patch. Tim earns his living by moving cheese around, but would prefer to spend his time writing/drawing comics and playing music.


Martini Miller

MartiniMartini was born and raised in the South Island. Of Māori descent, he feels most Martini 2at home running barefoot through the Beech Forests and looking for Pounamu on the riverbeds. A parkour practitioner since 2009, he began his training in Invercargill before moving to Wellington to pursue higher education as a youth worker. Martini has managed to combine his work with his play, creating New Zealand’s first Parkour Based Youth Development programme. Martini is also credited with several notable discoveries in the fields of Frank Kitts Park and Civic Square, thanks to his 20/20 “parkour vision”, refined through years spent trying to find new terrain in Southland. This speaks volumes of his ability to identify opportunities within his environment, be it in his career or at a favourite spot. Martini loves movement and can often be found getting distracted by handrails, walls, rubbish bins, staircases, benches, trees, ledges, scaffolding, planter boxes…

Leanne Jenkins

LeanneBorn in Luton, Bedfordshire in the UK and calling Wellington, New Zealand home, Leanne 2Leanne is a true globetrotter. She is a humble maths teacher by trade, but you’re more likely to find Leanne soaking up the sun in Hawaii, working and living off the land in Thailand or training with parkour communities all across Europe. She has been a principal figure and leading female practitioner in New Zealand since she began training in 2008 and is our official “international correspondent”.



Terence Turner

Terence1Terence Turner is a founding member of NZ Parkour and has been a practitioner sinceTerence 2004, making him the most experienced practitioner still training in New Zealand. Ten years have taken him around the block a few times seeing him scale to a black belt in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. He often negotiates unusual obstacles as a stunt performer in film, music videos and live theatre. The steel grip of his fingers is honed with his work as a sculptor and carver on The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. As an artist his detailed approach to stone, wood, bone, metal and pounamu produce sought after original pieces that evolve both traditional carving techniques and contemporary concepts. Tere is the proud father of two beautiful girls who continue to inspire him to try and run as fast as they do.

Aren Olsen

ArenAren 2 Wisdom says not to look down on people because they are young. As the youngest member of the board, Aren’s intelligence and character are testament to this fact. Reality says you also cannot look down on Aren because he’s well over 6 feet tall. He hails from sunny Nelson where he works with the police and eats as much yoghurt as he can. He began training parkour in 2009 and has been let off on good behaviour to complete an exchange in Japan.



Pearlmill John Chow

JohnnyPearlmill John Chow, a Hong Kong native, has been involved in the Auckland ParkourJohnny 2 community for the last four years with organizing classes, open training sessions and local Parkour events. He has worked in the IT industry for the last ten years, after graduating from the University of Auckland. He is an impressive thinker, providing valuable insight to the NZ Parkour team. Besides Parkour, he enjoys playing guitar, music production, video games and cats. A meme is never far away when Pearlmill comes out to play.

This is the real secret of life — to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.Alan Wilson Watts