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Training In NZ

OverviewTraining in NZ

If you have a body that can move, then you can do parkour. Young, old, fit, unfit, experienced, unexperienced – everyone can benefit from parkour training. Here in New Zealand we have a thriving parkour community full of people who will jump at the chance to help you begin your journey and there are training opportunities to suit all ages and abilities.

Parkour will change your life. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling and see for yourself.

Choose your Local Community

Click a tile below and discover how you can get involved in your local community – find out how to get in touch with the local practitioners, attend classes, go to local events and get connected by joining one of the Facebook community groups.

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National Groups

There are also three national groups on Facebook we recommend joining. They’re a great way to receive and share parkour information with the national community.

  • NZ Parkour – our own page, where we keep your up to date on all the best news happening around the country and the world,
  • National – the national community discussion group and
  • NZ Girls – the national community discussion group for all the female parkour practitioners in NZ.
NZ Parkour National Girls

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