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Parkour classes include greater structure, supervision and input from professional coaches. We promote our own classes as well as those offered by our delivery partners. Please note that class opportunities and content may vary from city to city.

Classes in Invercargill are run by Parkour Southland.


BreakFree Training Times

All sessions listed here are facilitated by volunteers and are free and open for all ages, experience levels and abilities. These sessions operate on a “training is always on, so long as you go” status. This means that these are the regular times that the Invercargill community go training and they are always on regardless of who is present or what the weather is like.


*Note: These training times may be subject to change, especially during holidays. Please visit the Invercargill community group on Facebook to contact locals about current training schedules.


Join the Invercargill parkour community group on Facebook to meet and stay in touch with the local practitioners.



If you have any questions about parkour in Invercargill, contact Terry.