Here at NZ Parkour we believe that choosing to regularly face our fears and work together to overcome obstacles in our lives is one of the most positive and enriching choices we’ve ever made. At the very least, parkour is good fitness and great fun, but for most of us it has opened the doors to a lifestyle of healthy living, respect for our environment and the desire to help others find their own paths to freedom.

To this end, we are looking at raising money so that we can keep making a positive impact in young peoples lives around the country. Head to the campaign page to hear the whole story.

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What is Parkour?

Parkour is a non-competitive discipline and philosophy where practitioners adapt their movement to overcome physical obstacles in their environment.

The Philosophies

The Movement

Watch the video to see some of the movements and environments used in parkour training.

The Purpose

On the surface, parkour is the most fun we’ve ever had. Dig deeper, and parkour training teaches us how to move and think efficiently, effectively and creatively in any environment. It builds discipline, resilience and the capacity to overcome the challenges we face in everyday life, helping us to master our movement and our lives. By challenging ourselves to overcome obstacles we grow and develop in many ways – read Self Development through Parkour and see how parkour can change your life.


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Obstacles are found everywhere, and in overcoming them we nourish ourselves.David Belle