News Round-Up: NatGat 2018, CEO Award, and New Board Member

News Round-Up: NatGat 2018, CEO Award, and New Board Member

News Round-Up: NatGat 2018, CEO Award, and New Board Member

It’s been an exciting start to the year for parkour in New Zealand and there are a few things we want to share.


CEO Wins Again

Click to see all the images from the awards night.

In November 2017, Damien (our CEO) was awarded the Hamilton City Council Administrator of the Year Award at the Sport Waikato awards in Hamilton. This gave him an automatic finalist position at the Brian Perry Waikato Regional Sports Awards. The first award was pretty exciting and landed Damien in some of the local newspapers and other media.

This award goes a step further and shows that Damien’s commitment is second to none, even among other sports in the region. Thank you Damien for all you give to parkour in New Zealand!

Damien has put up a video on his Instagram to thank everyone.


NatGat 2018 – The 10th event!

The New Zealand National Parkour Gathering, typically held over Waitangi weekend, was back in Christchurch after 7 years. Christchurch hosted the 3rd NatGat in 2011 and now gets to claim the 10th. On behalf of everyone who attended we want to give a big shout out to the Christchurch crew for organising this year’s event and for putting up with us having bodies all over your floors. Well done!

Follow the links below to check out some of the media of the event:

Let us know if you have any photos or videos from the gathering that you’d like us to share.


New Board Member – Michelle Kan


The Parkour NZ AGM is held during the National Gathering each year and at this years AGM we welcomed Michelle Kan onto the board. We’re excited about the expertise and perspective that Michelle brings to the board.

Michelle’s statement to the community:

“It’d be my pleasure to stand for the NZPK board. Parkour helped me when I was going through a rough time, providing me with invaluable tools that I use to manage my depression and anxiety, as well as to solve problems in my day-to-day. It’d be an honour to be a part of a team that works to bring those tools to others, and to introduce parkour into the lives of those who would benefit from it most. In particular, as a queer and disabled person of colour myself, I’d be particularly interested in working on initiatives that make parkour more open and accessible to other queer & disabled youth and POC. NZPK’s current efforts to introduce more young women to parkour are a great foundation for this, and in building on them we can nurture an even more diverse and inclusive community with practitioners of all different backgrounds – the foundation on which parkour will thrive. With my experience in digital media, leadership, and community engagement, and armed with a general love of parkour and a 70min long independently-produced documentary, I hope to support the NZPK board in its efforts to achieve bigger and brighter new things, and promote parkour as a force for social good in NZ society.”

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