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Parkour in Schools


NZ Parkour has been working with secondary schools for 6 years and can help your school with the following opportunities:

  • Parkour in PE at secondary schools
  • Parkour workshops at primary and intermediate
  • One off workshops (on or off school property)
  • Staff professional development
  • School parkour clubs

Our main coaching team is based in Hamilton and services schools in the Waikato region, but we are able to travel further afieldĀ and do have other coaching staff with varying availability throughout the country. Let us know how we can help!



Junior Parkour Unit Framework – With funding from theĀ Hamilton City Council we have developed a unit framework for physical education in Years 9 and 10. The framework covers achievement objectives, learning outcomes, key competencies, success criteria and rubrics as well as a brief course content overview. Ask us for the unit framework.

Senior Parkour Assessment Resources – We are in the process of finalising assessment resources for use in years 11 – 13. Ask us about parkour in the senior years.

School Parkour Club Resource – Schools are often excellent training grounds for parkour, but it is important for staff and students alike to work together in order to ensure that the students and the school are in agreement on how parkour is or is not to be trained on schools grounds. This resource covers all the ins and outs of parkour training outside of class time and can be used by students or staff to create a parkour club at school. Download the club resource.